2017 Colorado State Forest Service – Biomass Ready Guide

Tim Reader of the Colorado State Forest Service pitched an idea to me. Create a handbook and electronic checklist to help communties create new public buildings that can easily be retrofitted to include biomass heating (wood chips and pellets). Why? Today, the relatively low cost of fossil fuel, natural gas, makes heating with wood economically unattractive. But buildings last a long time – especially well-built public buildings. 

Over the next 10 to 50 years, the social and economic costs of burning fossil fuels will very likely be passed on those who do the burning – including the communities stuck using legacy carbon fuels. With a Biomass Ready building, those communities can affordably transition to non-GHG biomass. 

This publication is designed to empower communities to take the future in their own hands and make meaningful deicisions that work for their communities – today and tomorrow.


Here’s a low-resolution PDF you view:
2017 (no video) Biomass Ready Guidebook