Science and Technology Communications for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Science and Technology Communications for Sustainable World

My website is undergoing major renovation and modernization! Please come back soon. In the meantime, here are a couple of my recent favorite data-driven animations and data visualizations.

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Effective communication begins and ends with respect for the viewer. Their time. Their intelligence. Their humanity.

The work I do for my clients falls squarely between opaque, uninviting technical publications and fluffy outreach material devoid of substance. Both extremes fail to meaningfully connect and communicate. And no one shares content that hasn’t spoken to them.

I produce well-crafted story-driven content packages designed for the web, social media, and in-person and online presentations. I design content that connects with viewers with a wide range of technical and scientific backgrounds — decision-makers — from big-shots to bureaucrats and baristas. 

I bring all of me to the task at hand — my background as a bilingual systems engineer (Japanese), occasional journalist, educator, and public speaker, combined with 20-years of side gigs creating broadcast-quality videos, data-driven 3D animations, and nationally published photographs — to co-create content that makes a difference.

What do you say? Let’s change the world together!