Science and Technology Communications for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Case Stories

Case Stories‘ are what I do. They show case and explain important sustainability projects – why they matter, who they matter to, and  how they actually work. No two projects are the same. But to learn from these projects, they need to be understood – the science, technology and economics behind the project itself.

Making Understandable What Seems Complicated


Projects and products that connect and explain

The projects I showcase are all promising, real-world projects with working technology that individually are making a small difference today – but can make a huge difference tomorrow if they inspire others to do something at least as amazing.

Why does it matter? How does it work? How can others do the same or better?

All my work combines story and accessible science and technology. Does that mean I dumb things down? No. I brighten things up. The nature of Nature is elegant and simple. In the hands of a visual storyteller, it can be easy to grok and fun to explore. No excuses. We all can participate in defining our future.