Science and Technology Communications for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Content that Explains and Inspires

Ideas only spread when they are understood and appreciated. I produce well-crafted story-driven content for the web, social media, and presentations for Cleantech projects, programs and products. This content aspires to explain and impart meaningful understanding to viewers with a wide range of technical and scientific backgrounds — from big-shots to bureaucrats and baristas. They’re all decision makers. All influencers. And they all matter.

The work I do for my clients falls squarely between opaque, uninviting technical publications and fluffy outreach material devoid of substance. Both extremes fail to meaningfully connect and communicate… and to spread.

Effective communication begins and ends with respect for the viewer. Their time. Their intelligence. Their humanity.

Case Stories are multi-fascetted web and social-ready content packages include:

  • Engaging and accessible written text
  • Conceptual and data-driven animations
  • Interview-driven short videos
  • Narrative-driven Photographs


You can’t communicate what you don’t understand – deeply. I co-create content that makes a difference by bringing my unique background as a bilingual systems engineer (Japanese), occasional journalist, educator, and public speaker, combining 20-years of side gigs creating nationally published photographs, broadcast-quality videos, and – most recently – data-driven 3D animations.

What do you say? Let’s change the world together!