2007 Where Wood Works, rev 1.0

In 2007, Carla Harper and I produced the first edition of Where Wood Works. This short, 16-page printable PDF, was my first attempt at a visually engaging style that combined relevant, purpose-shot photographs and brief, to-the-point narrative. Each page was a self-contained idea.

I had been carrying my Canon 20D with me since late 2004 as I traveled the West on various biomass technical feasibility studies, so I had amassed a pretty good library of images and we put them to good use in this publication.

Before going to press, we passed around 2 prototype printed copies to a 40-person meeting at the US Forest Service’s office in Golden Colorado. To my amazement and delight, everyone in the room not only politely looked at it but actually turned through every page (having 16 pages helped).

We had stumbled on this important communication pattern (partially due to a very short schedule and a very limited printing budget, and partially due to my love of publications like the National Geographic). In its small world, it was somewhat of a hit.