2013 Colorado State Forest Service – TV commercials

In late 2012, Tim Reader and Kristina Hughes, of the Colorado State Forest Service, approached me about doing something a bit different – producing a series of 15 and 30 second TV spots (Public Service Announcements) to be aired throughout Colorado. The goal was to connect purchasing locally made Colorado wood products with forest health. (For example, without a viable market, beetle-kill pine trees are often burned in open slash piles.)

The 3 commercials we produced aired in the fall of 2013 (and rebroadcast the summer of 2014). One of the commercials aired during an early 2013 Bronco’s game at halftime. Fortunately, it wasn’t last year’s Super Bowl, so people actually watched it LOL.

Click here to see the videos and a behind-the-scene photograph of your’s truly filming a young girl and her pet goat (it actually has a lot to do with biomass).