Dan is a strategic communication engineer – combining system engineering, marketing, policy making, and communicating the results in a compelling photo journalistic package.

He is on a mission to connect to decision-makers (policy makers, governmental and non-governmental agencies, investors, and — most importantly — citizens) to key existing and emerging low carbon energy technology by designing outreach programs, demonstration projects, and communication pieces (articles, websites, and booklets).

Climate change and the environmental impacts of our collective use of energy pose one of the 21st Century’s most critical challenges. Dan believes that technology will only be a solution if decisions-makers choose wisely. This requires that key scientific and technical concepts be communicated in a meaningful, understandable, and actionable way. This doesn’t mean “dumbing down” or glossing over difficult content; it means teasing out the conceptual essence of the technology and presenting it in an inviting, understandable, and memorable way.

Dan received a Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of California, Davis in 1986. He has 20 years of professional experience in the high-tech sector as a product development engineer in areas ranging from cardiac pacemakers and undersea robotic vehicles to greenhouse control systems. Dan spent 7 years in Japan as a student and engineer doing product development and technology transfer. He is fluent in Japanese and can use chopsticks very well.

Occasionally Dan talks in the 3rd person, which is a bit strange, but he’s undergoing treatment at this time.

He holds 3 U.S. patents, 2 Japanese patents, and has written and photographed numerous articles on energy and environment in popular press.