Outreach Content Development and Production

Outreach Engineering: Crafting an effective narrative around your project. Visualizing the key points. Packaging the narrative and visuals into an easy to comprehend and delightful to share content.

I help my clients move their energy projects, programs, and proposals forward and to fruition by creating shared understanding across a wide range of stakeholders.

The Problem. The value of your energy project isn’t being noticed, recognized or understood by your non-technical audience.

The Culprit. Traditional web content, project reports, proposals, and case studies look like painful homework assignments. And slick brochures and pamphlets look like what they often are – fluff. And no one shares homework assignments or fluff with their friends – much less their colleagues, bosses, and leaders.

The Solution. Tell your story through insightful, quickly comprehended, and visually engaging content that is a delight to share with other busy people.

A communications team can only explain what it truly understands. There is no way around that. I provide a fast and clear way through it.

I understand your world at an engineer’s level. You won’t waste time and effort trying to explain the technical merits of your project. And the results will be crisp, accurate, and meaningful – the things your audience appreciates.

  1. Craft a meaningful narrative designed and engineered to engage your audience.
  2. Visualize your story through photojournalistic images, meaningful diagrams, engaging video interviews, and short video stories.
  3. Package your story into quickly grasped and enthusiastically shared content. One narrative. One content package. Many channels.
    • In-depth eBooks that bring the details of your project to life for technical and non-technical audiences.
    • Insightful LinkedIn articles that respect your reader’s time, intelligence, and humanity.
    • Meaningful – and even fun! – Facebook posts.
    • Compact tweets.

My Work. Please check out some of my previous projects and the integrated approach I’ve been developing over my career.